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Bon Jovi
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  • Chanson: Something for the pain
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Textes et Paroles de Something for the pain

Happiness, it's been no friend to me
But forever after ain't what it's all cracked up to be
Yeah, I had a taste, you were my fantasy
But I almost lost my faith when I hit reality
I don't need no guru to tell me what to do
When you're feeling like a headline on the yesterday's news

Come on, Come on, Come on

Give me something for the pain
Give me something for the blues
Give me something for the pain
When I feel I've been danglin' from a hangman's noose
Give me something for the rain
Give me something I can use
To get me through the night
Make me feel all right, something like you

Come on, Come on, Come on

Loneliness has found a home in me
My suitcase and guitar are my only family
I've tried to need someone, like they needed me
When I opened up my heart all I did was bleed
I don't need no lover, just to get screwed
They don't make no bandage that's gonna cover my bruise

Come on, Come on, Come on


Come on, Come on, Come on

Pull me under (help I'm falling)
Run through my veins (night is calling)
To a place (feels like I'm flying)
Where I feel no pain (Christ - I'm dying)
Be the pillow under my head
Cover me when I'm in your bed
Take me higher than I've ever been
Take me down and back again
Come to me, be my disguise
Open your coat let me crawl inside

Come on, Come on, Come on
Come on, Come on, Come on


Come on, Come on, Come on…


  "One wild night live [#13]"

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