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Bon Jovi
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  • Chanson: The Last Night
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Textes et Paroles de The Last Night

These days, its hard to have a heart
It doesn't matter where you come from, or who you think you are
These days, it's hard just fitting in
Why does someone have to lose, for someone else to win
We're all looking for forgiveness, and someone we can trust
You can wrap your arms around the world
It all comes down to us

This is the last night, you'll have to be alone
I'll be standing right beside you, you can't make it on your own
So walk with me, please, help me to be strong
I'll be the shoulder you can lean on, when everybody's gone
This is the last night, you'll have to be alone

I know, you, heard it all before
There's nothing worst than living less
When you yearn for something more
Makes no sense, its hard to understand
When there's something that should fill you up
Keeps slipping through your hands

We're all looking for answers
We're all down here on our knees
All anybody really wants, is something to believe
Enough is enough, I can't take any more
But I'm standing on your front porch
Kicking down your door
This is the last night

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