Paroles Tokyo Road de Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi
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  • Chanson: Tokyo Road
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Textes et Paroles de Tokyo Road

In a time, in a place
In a world, they forgot
Lives the heart of me
A part that just won't die
Just a boy, not a man
Sent to war, in a land
They said we'd fight for their freedom
But I felt like a hired hand

Sometimes I have to find my way
Sometimes I have to get away

Take me back to Tokyo Road
Take me back to Tokyo Road

Working hard, for a pass
Got the night, make it last
It was a time to remember
All my life I would never forget
In a bar, breathing smoke
Snorting whiskey, drinking coke
It was a time when no one would die
And there wasn't a care

Sometimes I wish it was that way
Cause sometimes I have to get away


This guy turns me around and he's pointing up the stairs
I found myself in her doorway but there wasn't anybody there
She walked in the room with nothing on but a red light
And with a smile she got so close to me.
She whispered something 'bout midnight
You know I didn't understand a word she said
But it felt so good
She knew that I didn't have any money
But baby I knew she would...


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