Paroles Ian Don't Like White Power de Booze Fiend

Booze Fiend
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  • Artiste: Booze Fiend25284
  • Chanson: Ian Don't Like White Power
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Textes et Paroles de Ian Don't Like White Power

Ian is a fuckin' queer
he likes it in the rear
fuck you Ian
only fags hate white power

Ian loves his anti-racist bullshit
cuz he's a dirty fuckin' spic
but for the next hour
he will love white power

Ian hates white power
cause he's a fag
Ian hates white power
lets stick him in a bag
Ian hates white power
since he's on his rag

Ian hates white power
so go take a hot shower
go pick a hippie flower

'cause it's the white power hour

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