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Bow Wow
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Textes et Paroles de You already know

(Intro) x2
Uh huh Uh huh, Uh
Bow Wow, So So
To The Def
You Already Know

Two thou, Bow Wow

(Bow Wow)
I'm a young player with his dough right (you already know)
A young player with his flow right (you already know)
I'm from the home where ? blow (you already know)
Ain't gotta say ? to play girl (you already know)
Blow man with a chunk rex (you already know)
You aint never nobody like this (you already know)
And ? I run with (you already know)
And have hit after hit after (you already know)
Big rock shot gun girl (you already know)
(? To ?) drop when i got one (you already know)
Now all I wanna to do is see your hands (you already know)
Oh, and make everbody dance girl (you already know)
I like girls with somethin in the trunk (you already know)
Bow Wow, teacher of the funk (you already know)
So you can walk or you could ride (you already know)
Cause this is so so def for life and lets go...

(Chorus) x2
I ain't gonna front yeah, I'm about the mon-ey
I ain't gonna front, I gotta keep my flow
I ain't gonna front, yea I'm all about the honeys
When they shake shake bounce, you already know

(Bow Wow)
Bout to change the face of this game huh? (you already know)
Since age 8 doin' thangs huh? (you already know)
And Tite when see ya'll gotta watch (you already know)
Seein making more than your pops ha? (you already know)
All them big thangs we about (you already know)
A little dog, but I'm thugged out (you already know)
I keep it comin, never let up (you already know)
Who got your girls head messed up? (you already know)
Ain't no droughts stayed workin (you already know)
Six hundred cut with the curtain (you already know)
Who's the millenium thriller?
Huh, I'm a natural born killer , B (you already know)
It's the new dog on the loose huh? (you already know)
Tryin' to stop, made no use huh? (you already know)
Odds is blood-shot red heart full of burn, its my turn
(you already know) Let's Go

Chorus 4X

(*scratching: Snoop Dog saying "Bow Wow Yippie Yo"*)

  "Beware of dog [#10]"

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