Paroles Just A Toy de Boxon

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  • Artiste: Boxon33125
  • Chanson: Just A Toy
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Textes et Paroles de Just A Toy

I'm just a toy
I'm just the guy
Who caught your eye
If i was too shy for you
I never knew
I trusted you

I smile, oh why i smiled at you
What can i do, what have i done
I'll never be
Good enough for you
I wish i were
But i'm not, you'll have to
Take me as i am

I'm not your toy
I'm not some guy
Who cried and cried
If i was too cool for you
i never knew
I trusted in you

Mistake's my middle name
What's gotten into me
Give it one last chance please
I can't leave you alone make it
It's a jungle outside
People running you down
Drivin me crazy
No time for lazy
Let's have some fun

I was a boy
Now i'm the guy
If i decide
To cut the shy with you
You've got to try
And trust in me

But sometimes life, it has no clue
And all we do ends up undone
When i was just a boy
You were just a dream
Wasting my time
You blew my mind
Wasting my time
You blew my mind

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