Paroles Under Fire de Boxon

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  • Artiste: Boxon33125
  • Chanson: Under Fire
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Textes et Paroles de Under Fire

Fifteen thousand strong before my eyes
Fifteen tough guys just getting wise
It's in my bones
Empty pockets, an open mind
It's Vegas burning, like hookers all yearning
Smoking my cigar, sweet ladies at the bar
For sure, i wish i was a gangster too
A bandit just like Jesse James
Give me your touch, give me nine lives
Dance, my sweet, dance before my eyes

I never liked waitin' in line
For sure i've been pushing too far
In the end it's like a wishbone
Stuck in the back of my mouth
I wanna sneak inside your dream
Into my nightclub of desire
Wa can do it Bonnie and Clyde
Or swinging on the star
Come back like some hitman, Bob Dylan, Punk Rocker
Dancing to the beat of my revolver

For fifteen hundred rupees, come on now
That's the least you can do
Tonight i'm out of here for good
That's the way it goes, i did what i could
So no goodbyes, confessions after choir
First night under fire.

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