Paroles Behind The Green Door... de Boy Gore

Boy Gore
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  • Artiste: Boy Gore31923
  • Chanson: Behind The Green Door...
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Textes et Paroles de Behind The Green Door...

Squeal like a pig,your flesh I degrade
encrusted with flaking shit
your hair still dripping with blood and
wriggle and writhe,bound and restrained
as tears fill your eyes,you whine with dismay
gargle my semen you dumb fucking whore
as your beaten and raped,behind the green door
Marilyns locked up in her chamber
I push crackers beneath to feed her
she's screaming and pounding at the locked
closet door,
she begs for her freedom which she'll see no
I'll fuck and beat her,whenever I please,
and it's about time bitch,so get on your knees...

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