Paroles My Tiger My Heart de Boy Least Likely To (The)

Boy Least Likely To (The)
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  • Artiste: Boy Least Likely To (The)25344
  • Chanson: My Tiger My Heart
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Textes et Paroles de My Tiger My Heart

As sweet as a plum
And lovely as dawn
Rolling its tongue over its gums
Like tiger and me
As happy as could be
Sat out on the porch
As the whole of the sky
Clouds quietly over
And it starts to cry
Softly on my shoulder
We don't want to grow up
But we have to grow up
As sad as I am
I do understand
I do understand,
It just makes me sad

My tiger my heart
We're growing apart
We're trying to be friends
But it's hard sometimes
To be friends with something
That eats butterflies
And pencil sharpeners
And i think it would be
Happier being free

My tiger my friend
My little godsend
I know someday we'll be happy again

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