Paroles The Nature Of The Boy Least Likely To de Boy Least Likely To (The)

Boy Least Likely To (The)
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  • Artiste: Boy Least Likely To (The)25344
  • Chanson: The Nature Of The Boy Least Likely To
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Textes et Paroles de The Nature Of The Boy Least Likely To

It's always been in my natureI am at my happiestSitting out on the cricket pitchEating broken lolly sticksAnd raisins covered in chocolateIt's always been in my natureit is just a bugabearIt tags along with me everywhereIt pinches me and it pulls my hair and it giggles and flicks my ears as it pokes fun at meIt nibbles at my fingernails while I'm asleepI sit on a swing seat in the breezeWatching the leaves fall off the treesAnd even though it looks sad to meNature always dies so beautifullyIt's always been in my natureit is just the way it isI sink it and it resurfacesIt scratches at my bandagesAnd it wriggles over all my calluses and soresIt tickles but it doesn't hurt me anymoreThe flowers stick out their tongues at meScrabbling around on my hands and kneesAs I pick up all the fallen leavesAnd try to glue them back onto the treesI try to glue them back onto the trees

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