Paroles Separate Cars de Boyzone

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  • Artiste: Boyzone2698
  • Chanson: Separate Cars
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Textes et Paroles de Separate Cars

Everything I put into this box
Says we're moving
All these photographs and books and clocks
What are we doing
You and I in
Separate cars
Where are we going
Everytime I wake up on my own
I know we're changing
Where's this thing and ride are gonna go
But I was saying
You and I
in different rooms
Where are we going

What are we running from
What are we [2x]
Tell me what we've become
What have we [2x]
Can't you see
This isn't what we really want
What are we
Where are we going

Everything you put into my heart
Is there forever
Baby we've got to stop this drift apart
And stay together
You and I should be as one
It's now or forever


Where are we going
going no, no, no

What are we waiting for
We've got to try some more
What have we [2x]
Tell me this isn't what you really want
What are we
I'm not going
What are we waiting for
WE've got to try some more
What have we [2x]
Tell me this isn't waht you really want
What are we
I'm not going

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