Paroles Lower Broad St. Blues de BR549

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  • Artiste: BR54914234
  • Chanson: Lower Broad St. Blues
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Textes et Paroles de Lower Broad St. Blues

I just blew back in town
So I thought I'd hang around
I ain't got nothin' else to do
Don't see a soul I know
This street done took it's toll
Got them ol' lower Broad St. Blues

The cops are sellin' souvenirs from cruisers
The tourists send up roses to the losers
Now all they wanna do is be ol' buckaroo
Got them ol' lower Broad St. Blues

Now some blew all their pay
And some were blown away
But they all blew their hillbilly lids
Dancers all limp home
The street lets out a groane
And the whineo's are all snug under the bridge
Somewhere in the alley, in the corner of my eye
The ghost of Scotty Stoneman drinkin' Bluetail Fly

A message from the past, your next might be your last
Got them ol' lower Broad St Blues
Got them ol' lower Broad St Blues

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