Paroles Katykat de Braid

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  • Artiste: Braid18610
  • Chanson: Katykat
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Katykat

Sorry I threatened you
She said
Walked awhile
And hid in the bushes whenever
You saw headlights
And I knew you were scared
And when I saw you in the hall
You were laughing like you never even noticed me
Knew it wasn't more than physical
I was tongue tied
And timid
Until your
Whirly girlish giggle

She said
You hid in the bushes
When you saw headlights
Because you were scared.

Something about power
When I broke the glass
She said you were scared
When I broke the glass

Said it was nothing
I would ever know
Said it wasn't physical
You just liked each other

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