Paroles Tear It In Two de Briefs (The)

Briefs (The)
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  • Artiste: Briefs (The)18508
  • Chanson: Tear It In Two
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Textes et Paroles de Tear It In Two

I met you on a tuesday
you'd only just been released.
you told me about your ex-boyfriend who was recently deceased
But you remind me of mother, and I remind you of dad
then we was kissinT in the church parking lot you know,
such a sick thing we had,
you tore it in two, whyd you take my heart out tear it in 2
I knew that you had your problems.
I knew that you had your pills.
they diagnosed you unstable, depressed and mentally Ill.
but when you stopped taking phone calls and you didn't answer your door
I Peeked in through your window and you were laying dead on the floor.
you tore it in two, whyd you take my heart out tear it in 2
I guess today is just an Empty space
I cant seem to forget your face
Now all you lefts an after taste, I cant get outta my mouth
you tore it in two, whyd you take my heart out tear it in 2
shouldn't you just cut it out.
whyd you take my heart out tear it in 2

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