Paroles Rock Revolution de Britny Fox

Britny Fox
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  • Chanson: Rock Revolution
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Textes et Paroles de Rock Revolution

[D. Davidson]

Some people got a chip on their shoulder
about rock 'n' roll music
They put us right aside, cause their one track minds
They say we're loud and violent for this joke of a system
But yet they air violent shows about death, rape and fighting too

Cause it's a rock 'n' roll revolution
Rock revolution
Rock 'n' roll revolution
Rock is gonna fight

They rate our music down, they take our, take our words and change them around
Pop, rock, country and metal, we won't take it lying down
We have to stick together for, for rock 'n' roll music
Cause we'll fight till the end, now rock lives on
It's never dead


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