Paroles Gore Hog de Broken Hope

Broken Hope
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  • Artiste: Broken Hope5488
  • Chanson: Gore Hog
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Textes et Paroles de Gore Hog

Uuuhhhh !! gore hog brings death !!!
Soaked with warm blood...
Immense pig of doom...
Snout basted with gore.
Tusks disembowel...
Entrails pulled out
Blood encrusts it's hair
Ribcage, lungs, intestines fly through the air.

The gore hog shall come,
To lay waste,
it will crush you,
Into a pulpy paste,
It's jaws smash your head,
Scarfing down your brains,
Smothering snout in your denise,
It defecates on your remains,

Uuuhhh !! gore hog brings death...
Hamhocks from hell...!!


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