Paroles Kiss & Tell de Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry
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  • Artiste: Bryan Ferry18811
  • Chanson: Kiss & Tell
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Textes et Paroles de Kiss & Tell

Ten cents a dance
It's the only price to pay
Why give 'em more
When it's only love for sale?
Adam and Eve
It's the oldest game in town
Just a one way street
To a faded magazine

Kiss and tell
Money talks - it never lies
Kiss and tell
Give and take - eye for an eye

Fever - the heat of the night
Dreamer - stealer of sighs

One public face
In a private limousine
Flash photograph
It's the only light you see
No secret life
There's no secret you can steel
Your lips are moving
But I will never know
What they mean

Kiss and tell
Money talks - and burns
Kiss and tell
Give and take - we live and learn
Kiss and tell
We never lie
Eye foe an eye
Blood on a nail
Kiss me again

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