Paroles Rock Of Ages de Bryan Ferry

Bryan Ferry
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  • Artiste: Bryan Ferry18811
  • Chanson: Rock Of Ages
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Textes et Paroles de Rock Of Ages

Once again
You're the song
I'm the one
Who turns the pages

There you go
Flying high
Here am I
Rock of ages

Ring the changes
Ring all changes
Try to move me as of old
Rock-a-bye me
Rock of ages
Tough my soul

Lost again
All alone
Turned to stone
Cold and sober

After you
There's no fun
On the run
The party's over

Ring the changes
Ring all changes
Do you move me as of old
Rock-a-bye me
Rock of ages
Touch my soul

Who can say
Here today
Where we'll stray
Gone tomorrow

After all
Is said and done
Will you stay
And share my sorrow?

Sing your praises
Sing all praises
Still you move me
Knock me cold
Rock-a-bye me
Rock of ages
You touched my soul

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