Paroles Cinderella de Buck Owens

Buck Owens
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  • Artiste: Buck Owens3370
  • Chanson: Cinderella
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I was out last night having a ball And comin' home, I wasn't thinkin' nothin' at all And there on the sidewalk what did I see A little glass slipper starin' back at me Cinderella (Cinderella) Well...

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Here I am Trying to find my way I've kissed so many frogs but I've never found a prince I think they lied I was promised much more than this Where's my happy-ever-after? Cinderella is the queen of a kingdom Cinderella...

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Mice Cinderella, Cinderella All I hear is Cinderella, from the moment I get up till shades of night are falling There isn't any letup, I hear them calling, calling "Go up and do the attic and go down...

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As I was walking down a path in the woods one day I came across a vision that caught my eye There was a lady standing right there beside a well And I heard her whisper what you wish for you can have Then...

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(Refrain) Cinderella tu m'appartiens Cinderella oui je reviens Ce n'est pas ton nom de baptême Mais c'est le nom que je t'ai donné. Ton corps de déesse Pendant des mois j'en ai rêvé Tu es si belle Il...

Textes et Paroles de Cinderella

So you found your Prince Charming was just a dream
There wasn't any Palace and you weren't a Queen
In your faded cotton dresses anyone could see but you're still Cinderella to me
Cinderella Cinderella this is not the way love should be
Cinderella Cinderella won't you let me take you home with me
[ steel ]
Our honeymoon may not be a fancy ball
You may not have a maid and butler at your call
But I'll be more than any prince could ever be and you'll be Cinderella to me
Cinderella Cinderella...

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