Paroles Kickin' Our Hearts Around de Buck Owens

Buck Owens
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  • Artiste: Buck Owens3370
  • Chanson: Kickin' Our Hearts Around
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Textes et Paroles de Kickin' Our Hearts Around

Oh let's stop kickin' each others hearts around it's not the thing to do
Let's pick them up dust them off and start our love anew
Let's be fair and let's don't dare to try to hurt the other
Let's stop kickin' our hearts around and let's love one another

We've said goodbye a thousand times then made up again
Always coming back for more to see which one will win
I love you and you love me on this we can agree
Let's stop kickin' our hearts around and go on lovingly
Oh let's stop kickin'...
[ steel ]
You called me on the phone but I hang up on you
Then I called back up to apologize for doing things I do
You can't understand the things I do or things I say
And I can't accept the way you change from day to day
Oh let's stop kickin'...

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