Paroles Myth de Bumblefoot

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  • Artiste: Bumblefoot11841
  • Chanson: Myth
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Textes et Paroles de Myth

Life is good as long as I can keep my eyes closed till I die in vain.
Life is good from dust to dust - it's been a road of broken trust and pain.
Take my pain away.

I never really wanted more than honored words - you think this life is a game
My time had come and now it's gone - I missed my last day in the sun.
My face has changed - the dogs have won
I never thought I'd ever say I struggled all my life away.
Nobody is ever gonna take this pain away.

It's always the same - some taker of years that live off my breaking back
Empty soul collectors - predators of any shine that ya lack
Ya feedin' on my deed with greed not for green just for your trophy rack
They all come to me - my skin sweet to the ticks swarmin' on me
They all take their little bite and in the end it's like a stab in the back
I'm all out of blood, I gave them too much - but it's still not enough
They come one by one, mask of a friend - over and over again and again
Never ends - guess this was my destiny, to keep trying to climb for eternity
An endless hill while they pull at me, and slide me back down and not let me sleep
And live off my blood - with a mechinal numb dig my fingers in mud and pull my way up
Guess this was my destiny, to keep trying to climb for eternity.
That's my mytholgy.

Take my pain away.

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