Paroles Rammy de Burnout 27

Burnout 27
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  • Chanson: Rammy
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Textes et Paroles de Rammy

Happy anniversary it's now one week since you left me
Your card and gifts are ripped up on the floor
It's a special day,
lets celebrate your pure contempt and total hate
Your disembarkation from me

Now that it's over now that your gone,
it's easy to see just how I got it wrong
Now that it's over now that your gone,
I won't leave my room and I'm drinking alone

Oh, oh, oh your card and gifts are ripped up on the floor

We should make this day a holiday
One where we give thanks and praise
that we wasted so little of our time
And you know that it's all down to you
Cause you walked out and put me through this hell
that I feel burning from inside

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