Paroles Duck & Run de C-Murder

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  • Artiste: C-Murder7942
  • Chanson: Duck & Run
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Textes et Paroles de Duck & Run

(gun shots in the distance, heavy breathing, reloading a clip)
[C-Murder;Duck an Run Foo, You Better Duck an Run Nigga, Duck an Run Foo,You
better Duck an Run Nigga]


You better duck an run when you hear the tank comin' through,in a show or at a
sto' near you. When you hear No Limit Soldier or Bout It Bout It my tank dawgs
bout to get this muthafucka rowdy, them hoes bounce that ass in the front
line, an my thugs be throwin up gang signs an all they talk about is break 'em
off somethin' rolled an start fightin' 'til the muthafuckin' place close.Po-
Po's mad I'm smokin' weed on stage crowds gettin' smashed by da barracades.Red
an Blue be muggin' on both side 3-Ward niggas talkin' bout take it out side.An
them muthafuckin' GD's they got them Uzi's an they be bang like them niggas in
the movies,huh, you can come to my show for fun nigga,but be prepared to Duck
& Run nigga....

Fiend;duck an run (better duck an run nigga),duck an run (you better duck an
run nigga),duck an run (said duck an run nigga),duck an run (duck an run, duck
an run)


You can put me in the muthafuckin' Rap Hall of Fame cuz I got ever ghetto
nigga callin' my name.Fuck main-stream foo', I keep it real,my record sales
keep me paid jus' like bill.He jump street day now I gottah come an get cha,
lay it down an everybody das wit cha. I make money off the muthafuckin'
public, lovin' every minute of it. I celebrate wit
crystyle an alizae, an doin' almost every other day. 40 G's a whop, it don't
stop. I'm off the streets now, I aint gottah sell rocks. But the game aint
changed, the ghetto's in my veins, you could my muthafuckin' name,
I'm used to bangin' foo' fa fun, I'm chill but still make you Duck & Run

Fiend;duck an run (you better duck an run nigga), duck an run (duck an run
boy), duck an run (you better duck an run boy),duck an run,duck an
an run (you better duck an run nigga),duck an run (you better duck an run
boy),duck an run (said duck an run boy),duck an run, duck an run.......

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