Paroles Circle Of Eternal Becoming de Cadaveria

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  • Artiste: Cadaveria5220
  • Chanson: Circle Of Eternal Becoming
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Textes et Paroles de Circle Of Eternal Becoming

Primordial spells have been written on water's surface
The abyss silver heart conceals the eternal prayer
Fire and wind contain the timeless secrets of the knowledge
Ancestral spirits of the elemental space materialize their ethereal shape
Dryads, Naiads, Devas, Oreads.
I trust the practice and theory of what is agreed to call magic
I believe in the spirits' evocation, in the power to create magic illusions,
in the visions of truth in the depth of mind.
I believe mind's boundaries shift continually
and different minds can flow together, one into the other,
and create or reveal a unique energy and individual memories are part
of a great collective memory, the memory of Nature itself.
Perpetual movement eternal rotation, oscillation of the night sky
Oh silence devour the eternity of Time.
As above, so below. My end is my beginning.

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