Paroles Out Body Experience de Cadaveria

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  • Artiste: Cadaveria5220
  • Chanson: Out Body Experience
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Textes et Paroles de Out Body Experience

Splitting of median entity
Practice of doubt
I look for the truth
in the silent shine of your eyes
Speaking with the forces of the air
Good vibrations, cries and whispers
United in the great enchantment of sound
To die remaining invisible
To fly with the wings of anti-time
To unload the wagons of nothing
To fling your heart behind the wall
Essence of musk and almonds water
Concealed behind the closed eyelids
of transparent lives
Consoled by a sublime
forbidden sweetness
The memory rewinds again
And it grows with new colors
Emotional kaleidoscope
Crystal of red glass drops
Casket of shattered thoughts
Cut off light resetting the past
Filtrating the space, adoring emptiness
Inconsistent entity baptized in rain
Vivid presence recreated from dust.

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