Paroles Eyes Of Obsidian de Cage

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  • Artiste: Cage5497
  • Chanson: Eyes Of Obsidian
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Textes et Paroles de Eyes Of Obsidian

When I was a child then it came. A night full of thunder and rain I
would be never the same. I wish that I never had seen what no one would
ever believe. Playing tricks that my eyes deceive. So scared I felt my spirit
leave. Now I'm darker than black. Digital eyes for therapy. The faster we
live the more that we see. Did you just see that my god. The entity looked
right at me with the eyes of obsidian. Darker than black it would seem. The
eyes of obsidian. Deep in the dark of the night lust at the edge of my sight
a shadow was coming to life. As if I awoke from a dream. Awkwardly
crippled a secret that I cannot keep. Evil no longer asleep now I'm darker
than black
Tuning our minds to the same key. Something just moved what was that
[Chorus] Darker

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