Paroles Nothing Left (To Share) de Canaan

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  • Artiste: Canaan5347
  • Chanson: Nothing Left (To Share)
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Textes et Paroles de Nothing Left (To Share)

Nothing left to share
But the burden of
just another loss

Nothing left to share
with you nor
with the ones
I used to love

I thought I had much to give
I thought I had much to say
I thought I had much to share

Yet the scaring secrets of
my limpid heart brought me here
and left me with

Nothing else to say
To the walls around me
Nothing left to see
with these blind eyes
Nothing left to do
but trusting the pain
that flatters with the
breath of grace

I thought I had much to say
But I've nothing else to share
And no one else to blame
for the brittle ashes
of my pathetic starvation

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