Paroles Love Song de Canton Jones

Canton Jones
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  • Artiste: Canton Jones18489
  • Chanson: Love Song
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Textes et Paroles de Love Song

I made the heavens farther than the eye can see
Placed the stars in the sky, made the moon shine brightly
Woke you up with the sun shining through your window
Sing you a serenade every time the wind blows

See the earth in all of it's beauty
It all came from Me
Take the time to look above
And you'll know, you can't sing about love
Without singin' bout me

Singin' bout Me
Without singin' bout Me

I made the clouds, even the air you breathe
Made you in My image, so that you can be like Me
My love is sweet, more to make you happy
Such joy and peace, wanna give you all of Me
It's the reason why you smile
It makes livin' all worth while
It would bring tears to your eyes

So how you gon' sing about love, without singin' 'bout Me?

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