Paroles Helen And Heaven de Cardiacs

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  • Artiste: Cardiacs12550
  • Chanson: Helen And Heaven
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Textes et Paroles de Helen And Heaven

Helen and Heaven Earth sea and shore
Says even less than says even more than
Is hearable anyway even for Sandy

Life in my ankles lives in my hands
Own minds for nothing 'cept laying of Sandys pit
Lies in a field that is nearer than handy

Space for approval plenty of room
Join me in closedown sink into gloom
Watching window see all of the news of the day and
Life without anger life without fear
Own minds for nothing helped with ideas
But the mouth I was feeding was sick on my hand

Waters voice and wind as one
Quake their call to Moon and Sun
Sovereign stars and throws of light
Pale before her queenly mighty ankles

Life in her ankles lives in my hands
Says even less than what even can
Stands in bold in my eyes
Finally accepting deterioration
Strange men and women
Allowing themselves to be shot at the same time

All hope and fear by night and day forever pine away
And every leaf that plumes her touch
Sails from branch to sink in dust


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