Paroles R.E.S. de Cardiacs

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  • Artiste: Cardiacs12550
  • Chanson: R.E.S.
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Textes et Paroles de R.E.S.

A stitch in time saves nine in time
To stay alive 'cause we are so divine
In my mind I can't stop dying
I wish there was no stopping me now
In the hope I'm to grow old
I've been told to keep my head down to the ground
It's like standing in the playground
Looking at the ground trying not to notice
All the kids around

The will to be kind is mine but
That's the way we all go
The people subsiding are always advising that
That's the way we all go

Calling is craving is letting the rain in
It peers at me and is it understanding?
Holding me with all its derelict charm
Rushing round me and slipping but never falling
"Give me something I don't need"
My friend cried till his face bled really really red
It stays here all my life, it fears towards me

The will to be kind is mine but
That's the way we all go
The higher the chances the higher the climb, but
That's the way we all go

Is everybody happy?

My hope day is forever coming closer
My hopes and fears are uncommon and it's he
Who asks for me now
So I'll stay here until it's saving my life
Sing la la la la la la la

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