Paroles Surely de Carole King

Carole King
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  • Chanson: Surely
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Textes et Paroles de Surely

Surely you know how I stand on the question of my loving you
Haven't I proved it in so many ways
Surely you can tell by the way I kiss your lips that I want you
More surely than my words can say

I see you stand and accuse me of no longer wanting you
Misunderstanding what others have seen
Surely you won't let idle people with nothing else to rely on
Tear down all our hopes and our dreams

Tell me, does the rain fall (surely, surely)
And does the summer always follow spring
How does a turtle go (slowly, surely)
That's how my love grows, surely, surely, surely

Darling, if your head misleads you
Just listen to your heart - it knows I need you
Just as surely as the sun is gonna rise
Just as surely as the birds are gonna sing
Just as surely as everything is part of everything
I'm a part of you
Surely you know that I'm a part of you
And surely you know that I love you
I love you

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