Paroles Necrophiliac, Anthropophagus Maniac de Carpathian Forest

Carpathian Forest
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  • Artiste: Carpathian Forest4987
  • Chanson: Necrophiliac, Anthropophagus Maniac
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Textes et Paroles de Necrophiliac, Anthropophagus Maniac

The nekrophiliac mental disorder
Cadaverous sexual deviations
An uncontrollable strong desire
Reading obsessively all obituaries
Dig up the recently deceased woman
And break into their tombs
Of the freshly buried sluts
And fuck them before they rot!!!

Dissecting the stiff and dead
Eating the eyeballs and the inside
Of her opened head
The infliction includes no pain
But the destruction of her
Innards and brain

Consuming the pieces of the corpse
Of someone who has been
Mutilated beyond recognition
A necrosadistical uncontrollable lust
There is much blood on the floor
Pus, entrails and stinking gore
Necrophiliac anthropophagus maniac

He needs to see her inside out

God-made sickening art
Ffrom her dismembered skill and head

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