Paroles Coma de Cary Judd

Cary Judd
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  • Artiste: Cary Judd12724
  • Chanson: Coma
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Textes et Paroles de Coma

Hit me on the head and put me in a coma, I could use the rest
Tell me that I'm stupid, I'm sure that you cold prove it, if you tried your best
Cause no one wants to be anything like me

So I'm talking to myself because I've got nobody else and it feels alright
I like it when I'm lonely, I'm the only one that knows me, I think that's fine
Cause no one wants to be anything like me
No one wants to see desperation

Give me one good reason to stay
I just can't stand myself this way

I'm sleepy and I'm hurting, I'm sure that I deserve it, could you drive me home?
And carry me inside, reassure me I'm a live and I won't be alone.
even I don't want to be, anything like me
I don't want to feel this desperation

Give me one good reason to stay
I watch my reflection turn away
You kill me with every thing you say
I just can't stand myself this way

So I'm talking to these voices and they're giving me my choices, but they don't look good
They're trying to convince me that no one here would miss me, maybe no one would

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