Paroles Glow de Cary Judd

Cary Judd
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  • Artiste: Cary Judd12724
  • Chanson: Glow
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Textes et Paroles de Glow

You only get so many breaths, I know I've wasted my share
I turn the pages of the book I write, it reads "I feel like a waste of air today"
So stop me

This is the side I'll take on New Years Day
When I glow with hope and I swear I'll change

Pile-driver and clothesline, taking the punches that I threw myself
I'm proof it doesn't take two to fight and that I am a hazard to my health, and yours
Somebody stop me

This time my mind doesn't matter
It's just bricks and sticks of a fallen house
So I'll sing my song louder
I found this time only heart over mind can change a thing, anything.

This is the side I'll take on New Years Day
When I glow with hope and I swear I'll change
This is the side I'll take on New Years Day

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