Paroles Perfect Tonight de Cary Judd

Cary Judd
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  • Chanson: Perfect Tonight
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Textes et Paroles de Perfect Tonight

You know what to say and you say it
You know the rules and you obey them
But I know you are alone
No structure feels like home to you

You know my name and where to find me
And that life comes down to timing
And no one has a clue
Least of all you, alright...

But you're perfect tonight, captured by satellite
Perfect tonight, in silent waves of electric light
You are perfect tonight

You look for ghosts in empty basements
Though real people are more amazing
Cause we all have something to touch
Even if it isn't much, not too much

I like how dreaming's your profession
You're just singing your confessions
All these ideas that can't be real
Cause they're just the way you feel at the moment

And you're perfect tonight
Caught in a jar like a firefly
You're perfect tonight
A silent wave of electric light you are perfect tonight

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