Paroles 7th Scar de Casket Garden

Casket Garden
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  • Artiste: Casket Garden7110
  • Chanson: 7th Scar
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Textes et Paroles de 7th Scar

What did you think
You god, you bastard
When you opened this scars on me?
Why did you make
My skull with 5 black holes
To suck what you create and live in the pain dimension?
Live in the pain dimension with eyes to see,
Ears to hear, mouth to lick and brain to think

Why? you god, you bungler
Why you sewed this worm skin on me?
Why is it good
A shreded skin to live in,
To scrape all the scars 'till they blood, what your serpent son worn?
What you serpent son worn with eyes to see
Nose to smell, brain to think.

Pain in me deep within
Like a thorn under the skin
Cold demise burns inside....
7th scar...

Why you opened this seventh scar?

Thorn under skin that forever hurts!

What did you think
You god, deceiver
When you cut a seventh scar in me?
What did you feel
When you laid your lance rest
And the crown of you son start to throb...under my ribs?

Under my ribs inside my skin
A heart of thorns... forever

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