Paroles Immortality Inc. de Casket Garden

Casket Garden
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  • Artiste: Casket Garden7110
  • Chanson: Immortality Inc.
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Textes et Paroles de Immortality Inc.

Immortal- with others' heart, with others' brain
Gasped by entrails of this modern form of insane...
...Insane... Insane

Controlled- incest of human side
Genetical society of laboratory suicide
...Suicide... Suicide

Eternal- incorporated
Artifical lenghtening of this ending time
Immortal- incorporated
Artifical lenghtening of this ending time

Egoistic euthanasia- we, the goods of the trade
Engineered lobotomy- their power to increase

Soulless- deep coded in coded in your DNA
You're inferior flesh of the manufacturing process
...Just flesh

Immortality incorporated!

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