Paroles To Relive My Carnage de Casket Garden

Casket Garden
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  • Artiste: Casket Garden7110
  • Chanson: To Relive My Carnage
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Textes et Paroles de To Relive My Carnage

When your life WENT sick I was retreat, I was the wing
Eyesight, sun in the dawn But you find denied feathers
Coexistence went sick I don't know that you forgot all or is it just your final trick
To verminate the last tie
Your new world is nothing but lie

Yet I feel desire Just to see your face an old wound- (but it's) a phrase
Still I feel power Hear and heal your sore
You spit me in the face but I stand up for more

Chained on a glass cage Rats are locked in, want to escape
A new life ripping my heart To forget me is to reborn
Traitor deceive - I will payback that you cut my veins and show my old sorrow weed
Confront your future trace:
Your mirror will show a blank face


Why I stand up for more
Why I stand up fore more
If hurts for so long
To relive my carnage

Understand this urge Loose your faith, think never returns
I give back then push your head Between the rail and the train wheel
Perform love, perform hate - Play your life more faster pay a ticket to the train of fate
Cut your last tie Your new world is nothing your new world is nothing but lie

[Chorus x2]

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