Paroles Widow Mother Earth de Casket Garden

Casket Garden
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  • Artiste: Casket Garden7110
  • Chanson: Widow Mother Earth
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Textes et Paroles de Widow Mother Earth

The black curtain blinds our sun again
Man of nature - nature of man
Playing god again
Over and over again...

The black canvas is falling down again
Hate-murder-art patterned after
This blackened bastard
How can we paint the reality?

Hail hail - sun father
Close your eyes and the world goes under
And all the mankind shall growling to be saved
Hail hail - sun father
Who will mourn the day?

Comprehension beyond eternal void
Made belief narrow mind whose eyes will tear
Whose eyes will prove...
...The unconcievable ?


My widow mother earth
Look at this black sun through your tear-stained veil
And burn your pestilenced weed away!
Widow mother earth

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