Paroles Water & Air de Cat Power

Cat Power
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  • Artiste: Cat Power8457
  • Chanson: Water & Air
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Textes et Paroles de Water & Air

I was dragged out by the shore man,
A very poor man,
A very nice man,
A family man.

My lover drifted down the river,
Below the dark water,
The devil all around.

Yesterday on the street,
Someone called out your name,
Someone thought that you were me,
Last night there was a party,
I could not go,
I walked around it,
I thought about it,
All night long,
Today there is a newspaper,
About you and me,
And the day we were married,
The same day.

The same day they fell in love,
The same day they died in love.

I did not want you to die alone,
Rusty river run down,
Run, run as fast as you can, oh run,
Rusty river run ragged,
And drag my lover's self back to me,
I'll meet him there,
Water and air.

Oh to be at the bottom of a river,
Below the dark water,
The devil all around,
The devil all around

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