Paroles Hurts Good de Cat Rapes Dog

Cat Rapes Dog
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  • Chanson: Hurts Good
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Textes et Paroles de Hurts Good

Any time of year; any time of day
Sleet and snow; rain and hail
Running, running until I get sick
Running to get the endorphin kick

Hurts, hurts, hurts so good
God, it hurts, but feels so good

A hard day's work in the gym
Lactic acid in my limbs
My face is in a pained contortion
I build my body out of proportion

Your whip tickles my naked skin
All tied up, with my head in a bin
You're my mistress, you're my warder
And my cock's never been harder

Hurts, hurts, hurts so good
God, it hurts, but feels so good

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