Paroles Sweet Jamaica de Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens
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  • Artiste: Cat Stevens3532
  • Chanson: Sweet Jamaica
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Textes et Paroles de Sweet Jamaica

Other people come and go
They try to make it through
I have to smile and tell them no
Cause I only care for you
I only care for you
Yes, you are my sweet, sweet Jamaica
Country mama, brown country girl
When you touch me I, I feel so tall
If you let me down boy I'd be so small
Yes, you are my sweet Jamaica
Country mama, brown country girl

Everybody needs a friend
To brighten up their world
I know you'll never let me down
Cause you're not that kind of girl, no no no

I want to see you round every turn
You're my world far as I'm concerned
Got no time to runabout
Just Want to spend my life out with you, only you
Yes, you are my sweet, sweet Jamaica,
Country mama, brown country girl
Oh, yes you are
Sweet Jamaica, oh brown country girl, ooh

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