Paroles Cast The Stars Beyond de Catamenia

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  • Artiste: Catamenia5040
  • Chanson: Cast The Stars Beyond
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Textes et Paroles de Cast The Stars Beyond

Under the raven black sky
she revel with the wolves of night
following the moonshadow
embracing the winter frost.
Six stars in northern sky
gathers with the wind and light
set the fire behind the mist
wings before the darkest death.

The beauty of eternal dark
lurking in the shadows of trees
forever burning wisdom is free
cast the stars beyond this dream.
Every weakness of her sight
as confused as day and night
she's passing the light of mountain so bright
with these feelings sun will die.

Night, the garden of divine
stands alone in twilight
like roses of breeze they die.

As darkness falls inside the halls
walls of reality will be torn
down under and up again
lady winter leaves her mark.
Burning in the astral winds
under the cold silvery moon
upon the clouds of black, deep sky
cast the stars beyond the night.

Night, the garden of divine
stands slone in twilight
like roses of breeze they die.

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