Paroles Dominion de Catamenia

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  • Artiste: Catamenia5040
  • Chanson: Dominion
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Textes et Paroles de Dominion

How strong you have to be to pull the trigger?
If you're not strong enough, can I please help you
How stupid you have to be to obey dead orders?
If you are a stupid enough, please follow me

Dominion! Dominion!

Gathering an army for me, think you're strong enough?
I doubt that in my mind, but please prove me wrong
You just have to stand and follow me blindly
Where are you going and who the fuck to follow?

Dominion! Dominion! Say what? Say fuckin' what?

We are a curious race, we are out there
But do we really know it, for god's sake

It's all in deep in your head, messing around and make you feel dead
I wonder how you've been so far away...
But now when you are here, are you ready to suffer and bleed
I know that you'll be gone today...

My triumphant through the lands, will never end
Gather my men, I'll teach them ravage
My armies around the world, hails for victory
My name shall be, as the glorious one

Were you strong enough to pull the trigger?
I think you were , I can't feel the pulse
Were you stupid enough to obey dead orders?
I think you were, I can't hear your words

Dominion! Dominion! Say what? Say fuckin' what?

We are a curious race, we are out there
But do we really know it, for god's sake

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