Paroles Garden Of Thorns de Catamenia

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  • Artiste: Catamenia5040
  • Chanson: Garden Of Thorns
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Textes et Paroles de Garden Of Thorns

Do you recall the day
When life was full and you thought it'll last?
Do you recall the way
How it all ended way too fast? Way too fast...

Golden smile hides sinful gurn
Every day means just a brand new pain
That wait's unexpected turn
Every way crush you inside the vain

Now the future's just a cage in hell
It's meant to break your fragile shell
Night comes, shakes you awake
These shadows come again

Many years of travel, just to realize
That your Eden is a Garden of Thorns
The truth, inside, but can't get it out
That your Eden is a Garden of Thorns

You seek, you find - you bleed, you are blind
Shelter's only broken shell
Pain feeds, you lie -- dead seeds, your soul dies
Heaven is the gateway to hell

On roses the blood runs forever
and time gives us no hope

I looked, I found -- still bleeding, still blind
Shelter turns into chains
Lies turn, more pain -- your soul, burnt away
Hell is your only way!

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