Paroles Post Mortem de Catamenia

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  • Artiste: Catamenia5040
  • Chanson: Post Mortem
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Textes et Paroles de Post Mortem

Here I stand alone in this empty world
Surrounded by dark shades and shadows
My skin is cold and torn apart
My memory is full of horrifying thoughts

I try to keep on living my soulless life
I feel my bloodless veins
Now I realize my journey here has just begun
Now I know that this is Post Mortem

To see this new world of my endless life
I know I live in paradox
Now I realize my journey here has just begun
Now I know that this is Post Mortem

I don't feel anything but hate and anger
I try to hide those feelings from my mind
But they keep on coming on and on
I don't know how to end this madness

As a human I failed and faded away
I turned the paradise into hell
Against my own nation I rose
I paint the world with bitter blood

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