Paroles Time In My Hands de Catamenia

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  • Artiste: Catamenia5040
  • Chanson: Time In My Hands
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Textes et Paroles de Time In My Hands

So still is the night, that surrounds me...
Into sweetest dark
So near is the time, to set me free...
From the poison light

Here almost end of path, that took me here
To leave weak past behind, passing to... the time in my hands
Future`s here where I stand
I...control your destiny
The one who always be

Sacred place in holy land
Where black raven flies
Last steps to the gate, where is my fate
Waiting me to find
Now I become the guide, lord of the night
Who make immortals rise the time in hands
Future`s here where I stand
Rise...control your destiny
The one who will always be
I...and the dream in your mind
The only one you desire all your fears
I decide your final years

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