Paroles Requiem For The Voiceless de Cathedral

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  • Artiste: Cathedral4947
  • Chanson: Requiem For The Voiceless
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Requiem For The Voiceless

[Jennnings / Dorrian]

They've caged me here in this circus hell
That human audience I know so well
Thrash my bones so the act may please
Your jeers and laughter too loud to hear my pleas

Set me free humanity
My eyes bleached out I cannot see
You wear my fur for vanity
Chew on my flesh then excrete me

I am imprisoned in your death camp farm
Until my limbs are butchered one by one
Scattered random in your supermarket fridge
As for my children, well they're probably in tins

Set me free humanity
My eyes bleached out I cannot see
You wear my fur for vanity
Chew on my flesh then excrete me

Shoot me out of the sky
Slaughter me at sea

Hunt me in the fields
Why not let me be?

You live a life of death you ignorant fools
For mistakes you make use us as your tools
Inject my body with your wretched disease
I cannot hate you, I have not energy

Set me free humanity
I have no voice, won't you please help me

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