Paroles Earthquake Part 2 de Cem Köksal

Cem Köksal
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  • Artiste: Cem Köksal32750
  • Chanson: Earthquake Part 2
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Textes et Paroles de Earthquake Part 2

When everyone was asleep
The giant was waking up again
Three hours to dawn

Everybody's screaming
Trying to stand but surely you can't
Time to beg for your life

Don't you feel the power, it is devastating?
Thousands will be buried alive today
Don't you hear the sound of the ruthless slowly fading?
Crying won't change your undisputed fate

It is the earthquake
It is the earthquake
It is the earthquake

Anger grows inside us
Turns to storm of hatred within
We want you to groan

Buildings have filled graveyards
Was it worth forty-thousand lives?
You are going to be damned

Don't you feel the anger of victims wrathfully growing?
The chain of greed, they have always lied
Don't you hear the cries of the innocents fairly rising?
Who is to be hated, who deserves to be damned?

It's not the earthquake
It's not the earthquake
It's not the earthquake

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