Paroles Set Me Free de Cem Köksal

Cem Köksal
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  • Artiste: Cem Köksal32750
  • Chanson: Set Me Free
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Textes et Paroles de Set Me Free

You're trying to rule my life but I won't let you anymore
You're trying to rip my heart but I will take yours much before
Indenpence what I'm fighting ever for
You're going to be the las what I've been thinking is the war

Running to the end of my time
Fighting for freedom and for my pride

Nobody can hold me here
Don't you hear just set me free
I'm not afraid, fate's closing in
Slander is what I'm dealing with

You're trying to ruin my dreams but I won't let you anymore
You're trying to see my tears but I will wipe them much before
Day by day, my soul is burning to the core
You're going to be the last you have to beg for your cruel lord

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